You have noticed stains on your favorite sofa and want to clean it? The first thing that comes to one’s mind is to search for easy DIY methods which are hundreds on the Internet. But many of them not only don’t help – some household remedies may also spoil your upholstery irretrievably. That’s why you should be careful with DIY upholstery cleaning. 

Color adjustment as well as patchiness

Using highly alkaline cleaning agents on your upholstery could leave patches and cause color change, typically pinkish ones. You will never know will the dye of your upholstery react this way with a cleaning agent or not, but probably it’s better to not even try.

Dye bleed

Again a reaction to chemicals in the cleaning agent, unattractive color bleed is the problem that is difficult to fix when it has actually occurred.

Lighter patches

You may decide to use a stain remover first which is now very popular to get rid of nasty spills, but be careful. After such treatment the fabric may react to a cleaning agent which can bleach the area resulting in lighter patches.


Using too much water or any liquid agent during cleaning could lead to stains being moved deeper into the upholstery fabric. Particularly wood ad foam can transfer brown staining this way.


This is a typical problem with cotton fabric covered sofas. These covers are usually removable for washing however might be apt to shrinking. First wash shrinking is OK and can be eliminated, but repeated washes could leave your covers too snug for comfort.

Remaining wet or moldy smell after cleaning

Over wetting followed by poor drying is the main cause of mold. If you’re cleaning upholstery by yourself and have no possibility to move it in a warm, dry place this may be even dangerous for your health causing breathing and allergic issues. Experts from Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning operate in a special way so your upholstery and carpets will dry just in hours!

Odors not fully removed

Pet odors, pee, cigarette smoke and many others can penetrate deep into the material. It can be very difficult to do a Do It Yourself clean that will certainly get to the source of these odors without over wetting the item.

Professional Cleaning Is A Solution

There really is no substitute for having your upholstery properly cleaned up by professionals. A team of specialists from Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning can perform deep cleans that will get rid of odours without over wetting your upholstery and causing discoloration. Professional equipment allows to remove much more water from the upholstery than machines that are offered for DIY cleaning. Moreover, steam works in a way to avoid color stripping and Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning will always perform a test patch for color bleed and color change prior to cleaning.

Is it truly worth the  fiddling and wasting your time and money on cleaning products that will not help? Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning can do it better, quicker and without the stress of unexpected things happening to your treasured upholstery.  Call us today to clean your carpets or upholstery immediately!

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