Given that it is advised to deep clean your carpets at least annually, the  common question arises: should I do it myself or hire a professional? Which alternative is best usually depends on the financial  means and state of your carpet. Though vacuuming is merely a way to maintain your carpet,  it is not effective for eliminating deep stains. Everyone faces a situation when vacuuming helps no longer and a rigorous cleaning is needed.
We’ve done some researchers on this topic and spent resources to find out the impact of chemical carpet cleaning and the best way for your home to stay safe and clean. Right here are our professional recommendations:

Want to clean carpets yourself?

Initially, you’ll need to rent a special washing machine that works with steam. Click here if you want to know the advantages of steam cleaning. Such machines spread out hot water at high pressures, then rinse and also vacuum up the dampness. Have you ever before attempted to vacuum water? This is definitely a hard work. So you’ll be making use of a large quantity of water and you’ll have longer completely dry times and also higher threat of mildew growth.
Furthermore, chemical products cannot be totally  rinsed from your carpet. These soap particles attract dirt and eventually your carpet will get dirty much sooner.
Renting out or having your personal equipment comes with a high price, particularly in case of time and work. You’ll need to purchase your own cleaning options, choose the proper machine (what is impossible without professional advice), move your sofa and wardrobes and do the cleaning yourself. Plus, in some cases you have to still scrub difficulty areas yourself. What is worse, you risk to make costly mistakes as well as accrue late fees for not returning the machine on time.

Why Professional Cleaning is Much Better

When you hire an expert, you work with a person that is specially trained as well as accredited to clean your carpets according to a specific requirement. Although you could continue your weekly vacuuming, it may still be essential to periodically hire the team to clean dirt caught deep within the fibers of your carpets. A specialist carpet cleaning includes a knowledgeable as well as experienced professional who reviews your carpet and also uses hot-water removal to clean dust or soil that’s deep within your carpet. Expert devices not just make the water hotter, but also can suck up more moisture during the cleaning process. Usually, this top-notch cleaning is way far effective than you could do on your own with store-bought products.

If you contact a specialist service as Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning, a technician will do this wide range of services for you, saving you time and a trip to the chiropractic practitioner 🙂

Together with carpet and furniture cleaning jobs, our company often gets asked to provide stain removal treatment for individuals. Most stains and spillages can be effected and removed efficiently if we know what we’re concerned with.

But the biggest problems arise when a customer purchases and uses one of the popular stain removal products that can be bought in most shops.  Sometimes it’s difficult to understand how some of these products can even be sold as “stain removers”.  Usually, they don’t help to get rid of the stain and just make it looking far worse and much harder to remove.

Actually, from professional point of view and experience, they’re more likely to “set” the stain. As a result, a blot goes through discoloring as well as carpet fibres inside and around it.  On average, 70% of people complain about a stain that has gone out of control and now appears worse than when it was left untreated.

In some cases, we may take a professional process of rectifying i.e carpet or upholstery material in the damaged section may be “re-colored”  into the previous cast. Unfortunately, there are some stains that once treated can’t be fully cleaned and very often can only be merely improved.

The main reason of such problem is using of  the “stain removers”, which change the chemical structure of the blot and also destroy the fibres. In the majority of these cases, if the stain was left untreated by the shop bought stain remover we would have been able to fully remove all traces of the original stain.

Finally, do not let the marketing campaigns cheat you and force you to buy not only unnecessary, but also harmful products. If you have any question or stain removal problem – Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning company is always at your service, just call us!

Did you simply pre-treat that carpet stain? If yes, here’s an interesting fact for you – some stains do not require a preprocess.

Below is why pre-treating stains is not constantly a good thing.

First, there are many different kinds of spots made from various types of sources such as food, coffee, tea, wine, paint and so on. It goes without saying, that these substances are all different in their own way. We can not possibly review all of them here, but we can discuss the downsides from pre-treating.

So, there are 2 various sorts of drink as well as food spots that come from dyes. These are called “Synthetic” and “Organic” dyes.

Synthetic dyes.

Synthetic toners  are artificial ones created from beverage items such as kool-aid, Hawaiian Punch or anything consisting of red, blue, green, orange and yellow colors.  It is relatively easy to notice that most of these dyes can be found in children desserts as well as sodas, juices and other drinks. Artificial dyes are made from petroleum and approved for use by the FDA to boost the color of processed foods. They are elaborated in chemical laboratories mainly using different types of oil.

Because of dyes being derived from petroleum, this suggests, when spilled оn any type of upholstery, rug or carpet, the color passes through the fibers creating the stain. That is why, the food color really penetrates the fibers from olefin, nylon and also polyester. Once a stain is set, pre-treating the blot is senseless and a thief of time. There are almost no retail products that work well for synthetic color removal. If you make a decision to pre-treat a stain, for example red, everything that you will see is just the stain changing its color from bright red to light pink with blurred outlines. The blot will certainly continue to be!  What is worse, the stain will be harder to remove with time. So by now you will have a huge pink blot that’s more difficult to remove because of the pre-treatment process. If you wonder what to do in this case – just leave the stain alone!

Organic dyes

Next are the “Organic” dyes from wine, coffee, tea and also all-natural fruit juices. These kinds of stains can be super challenging to remove and also can adjust their color over time. For example, pasta sauce stain is red, yet changes to yellow with time. If you were to pre-treat a natural stain, it will change instantly to a various color and spot the fiber much more! Sure, the Internet is full of different tips and methods of cleaning carpet with household chemicals or substances, but they are true just partially. In such situation, all you will do just enlighten the stain a little and in worst case – spoil your favorite carpet with ammonia or peroxide.

Do not waste your time and make the removal process more difficult. The only thing you should do is call us for a professional Chattanooga cleaning service and forget about the stains forever.

It sounds like a well-known fact, but still it’s true:  when your carpets and upholstery are clean, your home is healthy. Isn’t it? Do you ever get that uncomfortable feeling while sitting on the sofa that has been with you through 5-10 years, children and pets without any professional cleaning?  Of course, at first we all care about the upholstery we bought as it’s expensive and sometimes very time consuming. But eventually, everyone probably stops caring so much – allows pets to sit next while watching TV, forgets to pick up the crumbs right away and so on.

If your favorite armchair or sofa looks shabby or discolored, it’s not just dirty – it’s dangerous. Upholstery looks dull not because of its age, but dust. Its microscopic  particles have jagged edges that scratch upholstery fibers. A good upholstery cleaning can do wonders for your furniture, your home and even your family.

Remember – sitting on a dirty furniture is non-hygienic.

Do you have the tendency to think, “Why hire somebody to do the task I can do myself?” It’s alright to confess: several of us simply do not want to pay another person to do a task we assume we could do ourselves. The issue is, a lot of us do not recognize just how extensive a specialist cleaning is– as well as just how deep it goes.

Chattanooga Cleaning specialist will certainly be among the very first individuals to inform you that when your house is not appropriately cleaned, health issue may — and also usually do– appear to.  Even if you soak up the spots and spills that are visible to the naked eye, your task is just half-way done. Why? Due to the fact that microorganisms as well as smell go right into the fibers of your furnishings and continue to expand till it’s appropriately deep cleaned. For instance, if your pet stained your textile sofa, you’ll just rub it with some chemicals — which is where many people finish their work. The problem is, a sofa looks visibly clean, but bacteria and smell will stay there for a long time.

Whether you have pets, children or just many friends that you often ask around, taking professional care for your upholstery is a must! Contact Chattanooga Cleaning specialists today and feel the difference tomorrow!

Now it’s obvious, why  you need to clean your carpets and how, but life is an unpredictable thing, accidents happen, and you should know, where to ask for help in case of emergency.

Earlier, a carpet water damage was a problem of a great concern, but now we are able to dry and recover it, no matter what happened. It may be a little drop of coffee or wine, a burst pipe or even a serious flood – we know how to help you.

However, not all water damage is alike and there are 3 types:

FIRst type

This type is known as pure water or white water. It is a clean water, which runs from taps and could be caused by overflowing sink in the kitchen or bathtub in the bathroom, water supply failure, broken dishwasher, washing machine or faucet. As in most cases this water is potable, it is completely harmless to people and pets. However, after 48 hours, it turns into the 2nd type.


Also called a gray water type, because the damages are done by wastewater from showers, bathtubs and sinks or discharged water from the dishwasher or washing machine during their working.  Remember, that only a water, that has not contacted with human waste, is grey. In this situation you need to act quickly and call to the cleaning company , otherwise your carpet will be covered with mold and mustiness. It goes without saying, that dirty water can be dangerous for your health due to various bacteria. That’s why, after just 2 days without professional cleaning, this type turns into the 3rd.


3rd type is known as black water, which main source is sewage. Moreover, if a natural disaster like flood strikes out, this type of damage happens. It occurs due to the possibility of chemicals found in soil, infected areas, animal waste and so on. Black water contains toxins and disease-causing organisms, so everything should be cleaned up immediately.

As you see, water damage can have different nature and danger level, so make sure you called to the Chattanooga professionals  to disinfect your carpet and repair it.

Often, if we’re talking about cleaning a home, we focus not only on sparkling clean surfaces of appearance of certain objects, but also killing dangerous contaminants like bacteria, viruses and germs. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy. Most citizens of Chattanooga  rely on traditional household cleaning products, despite the fact that most of those contain harsh chemicals that emit fumes and can trigger asthmatic and allergic  reactions.

That’s why we decided to tell you about 5  greatest advantages of a steam cleaning Chattanooga carpets for keeping your home dirt and grime free.

Toxic free

Without any chemicals, such as harmful  bleach or ammonia, steam itself kills 99.99% of bacteria. Using only heat and water, your house remains not only free from dirt, but also from chemical pollution and residue.

Safe for children and pets

Because of its non-toxic nature, steam creates  a much safer habitat for children and pets.  Sodium Hypochlorite, which is used in most cleaning agents can cause corrosive burn or skin irritations, burn eyes and damage lungs even after a simple contact with a cleaned surface. On the contrary, carpets after steam cleaning are soft, clean and without any chemical odor.


People with allergies and asthma will benefit significantly from steam cleaning. It uses only water and heat to create an all-natural steam that removes dirt and grime from any non-heat sensitive surface. Therefore, it won’t aggravate allergy symptoms or cause respiratory issues.

Saves time and money

Besides the evident health advantages, steam cleaning can be very economical in prospect. You would not need to buy expensive and hazardous chemicals, that often don’t even remove spots, stains and dirt, e.g. ground. Moreover, it’s far quicker, carpets dry fast and the process of cleaning doesn’t turn into a workout with rubbing.


Steam cleaner uses only electricity and water to get the job done well and don’t need any chemicals that can pollute water or air not only inside, but outside.

Obviously, steam cleaning has a lot of advantages and has become a great alternative in recent years.  Of course, this is not a full list. Do you have any ideas to add? Leave a comment 🙂

Winter Carpet Cleaning why do it in Chattanooga?

Do you understand if you are delaying carpet cleaning until spring that it is 4 months away? 4 months! That’s a long time to let your carpet go if it needs cleaning today.

Delaying cleaning is costing you with worsening traffic lanes, spots becoming permanent, delicate fibers breaking down, soil grinding in … the list goes on and on. Until now you may not have had any reason to clean prior to spring. So, I have actually chosen to help you conserve your carpet by making you aware of the reasons why you should opt to clean your carpet this winter season.

1) In the winter, consultations are much more easily available, while in the spring you have to wait longer to receive service. While in December, January and February we might be sitting around looking for things to do, the facts show that when April swings around, it will be so busy that we will have to turn work away. Tidy now to avoid the rush!

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2) Contrary to popular belief, your carpet might remain tidy longer in the winter season. If you’re not cleaning carpet in the winter season, your carpet’s filtering capability is full so you and your family have actually been breathing polluted air for a long time.

3) Another factor to clean carpet in the winter season is quicker drying times. Reverse of exactly what many would think, the absence of humidity enables moisture to vaporize quickly making your carpet dry a little faster.

Why be on a regular cleaning schedule?

We get a great deal of customers who want to be on a routine cleaning schedule, and others who wait till they cannot stand it any longer prior to they contact us to have their cleaning done. So, what are the advantages of being on a routine cleaning schedule? And what is the best cleaning schedule for you?

A routine cleaning schedule helps maintain the beauty of your carpet, and makes it last longer too. And once the carpets have actually been scratched, they no longer show the light the same as brand-new carpet.

Waiting too long in between cleanings can also cost more than routine cleaning. Since more time, chemistry, and labor is associated with a corrective cleaning than a maintenance cleaning, it will cost more and the outcomes might not be as excellent.

The exact same is real with carpet cleaning. Routine carpet cleaning can make your carpets last much longer and get you better outcomes with each cleaning while costing you less.

Now, how frequently should you have the carpets cleaned? If you have a home with no kids, no animals, where shoes are removed at the door, the carpets are vacuumed three times a week, and the air filters are altered regularly, then you can go up to two years between cleanings. For a lot of people, a yearly cleaning is an excellent concept.

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