Have you ever come home and noticed an unpleasant damp smell after cleaning your carpet? This is the problem that almost always occurs after cleaning carpets by yourself with DIY methods.

Over-wetting occurs when way too much water saturates into the bottom of the carpet which leads to discoloration and shrinks, especially when left on the floor.  If the backing and also pad get wet, it is extremely difficult to dry them, and also you face the extra danger of mold and mildew development.

What is more, there may appear spots on a carpet because of contacting with furniture.  Numerous kinds of timber furnishings may release some amount of dyes if left in contact with a wet surface.  If some pieces of your furniture have metal legs, they may rust, leaving a stain in the carpet.

Do-it-yourselfers are more likely to come across these troubles because they usually do not eliminate all the furniture from the space when cleaning, and they typically do not have all set accessibility to the foam blocks and foil-backed cardboard squares that the carpet professionals from Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning use to keep the furniture off the carpet until it is dry.

At Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning we make it a priority to leave carpets as completely dry as possible after leaving a residential or commercial property.  After professional cleaning done by our company, carpets dry quickly because we maintain our cleaning equipment to the highest standards.

The Equipment is Key

The main factor carpets stay damp for long periods of time is because the extracting equipment used on the carpet is not functioning appropriately and that is due to the fact that it is not kept or used correctly. Numerous carpet clean companies neglect to preserve their devices and focus only on getting in and out of a job.  At Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning we take the time to properly maintain our equipment after each use. We clear out our filtering system systems on a regular basis to make sure that our extractors do not lose suction. We change the oil as well as conduct other maintenance to keep our devices in excellent shape.

This little, but essential factor that we care about our equipment reflects in the result of our work. Check any house or building we have actually cleaned up right after the completion and you will certainly see that the carpets are almost dry when we leave. There is no long-term musty smells or dampness. This strategy additionally makes carpets and rugs to stay clean much longer. Damp carpets attract dirt and embeds the dirt deep into the fibers,  so they will require cleaning earlier.

Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning operates in accordance to industry standards by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning, Restoration and Certification (IICRC) standard S-100. That standard includes pre-treatment of spots and heavily soiled area, furniture moving, hot water extraction and use of drying fans. Drying time is minimal as most carpets dry within just a few hours.

Contact us today if you are ready to have the best Chattanooga’s carpet cleaning experience.

You have noticed stains on your favorite sofa and want to clean it? The first thing that comes to one’s mind is to search for easy DIY methods which are hundreds on the Internet. But many of them not only don’t help – some household remedies may also spoil your upholstery irretrievably. That’s why you should be careful with DIY upholstery cleaning. 

Color adjustment as well as patchiness

Using highly alkaline cleaning agents on your upholstery could leave patches and cause color change, typically pinkish ones. You will never know will the dye of your upholstery react this way with a cleaning agent or not, but probably it’s better to not even try.

Dye bleed

Again a reaction to chemicals in the cleaning agent, unattractive color bleed is the problem that is difficult to fix when it has actually occurred.

Lighter patches

You may decide to use a stain remover first which is now very popular to get rid of nasty spills, but be careful. After such treatment the fabric may react to a cleaning agent which can bleach the area resulting in lighter patches.


Using too much water or any liquid agent during cleaning could lead to stains being moved deeper into the upholstery fabric. Particularly wood ad foam can transfer brown staining this way.


This is a typical problem with cotton fabric covered sofas. These covers are usually removable for washing however might be apt to shrinking. First wash shrinking is OK and can be eliminated, but repeated washes could leave your covers too snug for comfort.

Remaining wet or moldy smell after cleaning

Over wetting followed by poor drying is the main cause of mold. If you’re cleaning upholstery by yourself and have no possibility to move it in a warm, dry place this may be even dangerous for your health causing breathing and allergic issues. Experts from Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning operate in a special way so your upholstery and carpets will dry just in hours!

Odors not fully removed

Pet odors, pee, cigarette smoke and many others can penetrate deep into the material. It can be very difficult to do a Do It Yourself clean that will certainly get to the source of these odors without over wetting the item.

Professional Cleaning Is A Solution

There really is no substitute for having your upholstery properly cleaned up by professionals. A team of specialists from Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning can perform deep cleans that will get rid of odours without over wetting your upholstery and causing discoloration. Professional equipment allows to remove much more water from the upholstery than machines that are offered for DIY cleaning. Moreover, steam works in a way to avoid color stripping and Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning will always perform a test patch for color bleed and color change prior to cleaning.

Is it truly worth the  fiddling and wasting your time and money on cleaning products that will not help? Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning can do it better, quicker and without the stress of unexpected things happening to your treasured upholstery.  Call us today to clean your carpets or upholstery immediately!

On average carpets are replaced every seven years.  If you are going to have your wall-to-wall carpet look like a new one and keep it for more than just couple of years, Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning company has several tips on how to extend the life of your carpet.

1. Don’t bring the dirt inside.

In many countries it is customary to remove their shoes when going into a house. This practice really helps to prevent bringing the dirt inside your house and on your carpet. If you want to use your shoes inside, entry mats likewise reduce the amount of dirt entering your home.

Did you know? The researches show that it takes about 17 steps to make the soles of your shoes clean. Once the dirt is on your carpet, it then sifts down to the carpeting backing as well as eats round the fibers, actually wearing it out. This results into discoloration and the carpet looks dull, even after cleaning. Why? Because dust particles scratches the carpet fiber, just the way a diamond scratches glass.

2. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

This advice may seem obvious. Have you already bought the ideal vacuum-cleaner? This is not enough! You need to take it out and use it as often as possible.  First, make certain it works correctly: the bag (or bagless cyndrical tube) should be more than half empty. the belt that turns the brushes should be tight; and the brushes should not be  packed with hair/lint. Vacuuming up the noticeable crumbs and dust isn’t adequate, either.  You’ll have to vacuum high-traffic lanes 4 times a week and 2-3 times the others.

3. Remove stains.

Nowadays, many carpets claim to have “Stain Warranties.” Yet you still need to clean up spills and also spots from the carpet. If you don’t do this, the substance on the fabric can oxidize into a permanent stain.

Bear in mind, carpets is a delicate fabric. Always blot carefully to eliminate a spot. Never ever rub or scrub and try to avoid using chemicals. Just use a little of detergent and carefully blot. You may should repeat this procedure 2 or three times before the carpeting is clean. Do not over-wet the carpet.

4. Shift The Furniture.

Heavy furniture is a challenge for carpet fibers, as it is put at a set location and work dirt into the carpet pile and backing.  If your area design enables it, shift the furniture on a regular basis. Your carpet will certainly appreciate it if you can do it every 6 months. You will prevent premature wear areas by moving your furniture around.

5. Professional Cleaning.

The majority of  carpet warranties require professional cleaning every 18-24 months. Upkeep is essential.

There are numerous methods of carpet cleaning. Most carpet establishments recommend to clean their carpets with the use of hot water extraction method, i.e., vapor cleaning.  This technique removes much more dirt as well as more types of spills and stains to various other methods.

Of course, there are some features of hot water removal that you need to know. Like anything else, if it’s not done correctly, it can harm or even ruin the carpet.  Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning is a certified company with highly educated and professionally trained stuff.  We can clean your carpetings in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Professional cleaning can also save your time by getting rid of excessive water so the carpet dries faster– in hours, not days. Carpet cleaning professionals will certainly wash the carpet fibers to remove residues that would otherwise attract dirt and make the carpeting re-soil quickly.

With these four easy steps, your will definitely extend the life of your carpet. Want to know more? Call us today!

Do you have a pet? Than you must know that it features a host of duties– walks, vet check outs as well as behavioral training, to name a few. However, caring for your cat or dog likewise includes avoiding damage to your house and also your possessions caused by your pet. Our floors are constantly having a rough time from dozens of scratches with claws to various stains.

You thought only carpets take a beating? Actually, tiles too! That’s why it is essential to protect your floor and maintain it properly. While there’s nothing difficult in having a pet and repair, grout cleaning should be done professionally. The experts at Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning can bring your tile & grout back to life with our vapor cleansing innovation.

Why Cannot I Clean Tile Myself?

Pet and pet cat urine can often be left on the flooring for numerous hours if you’re away, the incident takes place over night or you just do not notice. If pet pee is not cleaned up immediately, it can create irreversible grout staining as well as damages. When urine initial touches floor covering, it has a pH of around 6. However, as urine dries out, this pH increases as well as can get to 10 or 12 on the scale. When urine dries out, it typically changes the shade of the surface it was deposited on, which is an effect of oxidation and reaction with the surface.

Unless addressed instantly as well as left to dry for extensive time periods, the tarnish ends up being long-term, as well as the damages comes to be permanent. DIY  grout cleaning will not have the ability to remove stains caused by urine. So as to get these deep discolorations gotten rid of, you need professional grout cleaning from Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning.

To make sure your tile will not be damaged by stains, animal owners need to get their tile sealed, a procedure that helps prevent stains, discoloration, and also day-to-day dirt and grime. On top of that, sealed grout makes cleaning simpler!

Take Grout Cleaning Seriously For Sanitary Reasons

The easiest and most common way to eliminate visible dirt is a quick scrub of tile, but pet droppings  are the best breeding area for bacteria, which can frequently grow in grout, behind the homeowners’ backs. To fight this threat of spreading germs, pet  owners need to devote to take grout&tile cleaning seriously. A professional cleaning service will not just boost the visible appearance of ceramic tile, yet it will additionally sanitize floor tile surface areas to kill all germs as well as bacteria that could be growing.

Contact your Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning office to find out how our cleaning professionals use vapor innovation to clean and protect your tile&grout, carpets and upholstery. We are looking forward to getting a call from you!

Fall is officially here and many homeowners are starting to clean out the gutters, rake fallen leaves and put their summer yard furnishings back into the garage– but what about house cleaning?

Fall is just the best time to think over those spring-cleaning lists, which you’ve made up but failed to do as well as offer your home a deep, thorough clean up in preparation for the cold weather with rain, mud and snow. Most people count only on their eyes when choosing whether their residence is clean or not. Nonetheless the dirt that can not be quickly seen– dangerous microorganisms and deeply embedded dirt, is the one that really needs focus as well as assistance from professional Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning company.

Standard at-home cleaning tasks like vacuuming, wiping and dusting only can get rid of relatively small part of dirt and microorganisms, which lurk in your floorings and furnishings. Without an extensive, deeper cleaning, they will be caught inside your home for the winter. This will certainly impact not just the appearance of your house, but also raise the risk of such health issues as allergy and asthma. With the wide range of services and professional equipment, our specialists from Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning could aid you remove over 97% of the dirt from your house. It certainly is a considerably higher price compared to DIY-cleaning techniques. Nonetheless, there are a couple of things you could do by yourself to keep your residence clean and healthy for longer amount of time.

Keep the Dirt Outside

There is an effective and also easy method to keep dirt, mud, and fallen leaves out of your residence. Just put mats in front of every door of your home. Taking your shoes off when you go into is additionally a valuable habit, that will assist you reduce the amount of dirt and help you keep your carpets and floorings cleaner. Likewise, maintain the home windows shut when raking the leaves in the garden to prevent dust and small particles enter your residence and set right into your furniture and carpets.

Make Quick Clean Ups

Try to act quickly in any area at home — clean up any kind of food and liquid spills and mud spots to avoid them becoming unyielding discolorations. Consider keeping a stain-removing product at hand. As an alternative, you can use various DIY methods to pre-treat the stains like soda and vinegar, but remember that not all types of carpets can be cleaned that way. If the stain is serious, it’s better to call a professional Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning company. 

 High Traffic Areas

Dust never stops setting up in your rugs and upholstery. Keep up with the high traffic areas at your residence by vacuuming them 2-3 times a week and the rest of your house– at the very least once a week. The very same guideline applies to your upholstery — you can use a mobile vacuum to keep your furniture cleaned and also dust-free.

Call Professional Cleaning Company Before Winter

It is impossible for anyone to deal with all the housework at once alone. As the autumn come to an end, the best idea is to schedule a specialist cleaning team for deep cleaning procedures at cost effective prices– cleaning your wall-to-wall-carpets, mats, rugs, upholstery and even tile & grout! Calling specialists two times a year assists you keep the health and value of your home.

Commercial carpeting is generally used in commercial properties and is much better adapted to these setups for a variety of reasons. There are differences in between this type of flooring as well as the material in homes. This is something a customer needs to bear in mind when coming close to a choosing the service, as the style of the floor covering will determine the most effective type of treatment. Consequently, cleaning experts at Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning know the peculiarities of residential and also commercial cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Differs From Residential

Residential floor covering is created with convenience in mind initially. A home is someplace to relax and also get comfortable, and a soft surface to stroll on is a fundamental part of this method. Carpet is specifically essential for family members with children, as children will spend the majority of their time on the flooring. Carpets bought for house commonly have taller pile and also a fairly loose loophole design. Both of these generate the luxurious feeling that house owners want from their flooring.

Durability as well as economic climate are the most important priorities when choosing the carpet for commercial property. Companies experience a much higher degree of foot traffic, so its flooring has to have the ability to take the damage. Residential flooring set up in these areas would certainly degrade rapidly as well as be flattened right away, taking away its luxurious feeling. Industrial product usually has a short pile and tight looping, offering it with the thickness had to spring back under pressure. Business carpets could also be cut in a larger variety of sizes as well as is normally less expensive.

This added toughness as well as economic climate implies less comfort, which is why business grade floor covering is rarely located in homes. It can, nevertheless, be a good selection for home offices, as it generates less friction when moving around chairs and could share a professional appearance.


At Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning, we offer a unique cleaning service which implies that less water will be used. Moreover, steam cleaning is risk-free for you and your customers, offering stain and dirt removal. This suggests that your carpet will be dry far faster. After we clean your floorings and upholstery, you’ll be able to get back to your customers, instead of stressing and waiting for the carpet to completely dry.

With Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning, the carpet will not take hours or even days to  dry completely. With our 20+ years of commercial carpet cleaning experience, your company can rely on us for clean workplaces and  stores. Our fast drying time implies you could get back to business immediately.

Call Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning today, so our specialists can look after all your commercial floor cleaning, providing 100% satisfaction with the results.

Carpet can tell a lot about you and your home – your style, taste, financial situation and even character.  That’s why it is significant to take proper care of it and clean regularly. Unfortunately, improper carpet installation can lead to unsightly wrinkles in your carpet and can damage the carpet’s backing, causing deterioration. There are many beneficial solutions around that could keep your carpet strong and appealing. Carpet stretching is one of them. Carpet stretching, briefly, is a kind of repair work that can aid get rid of surface area wrinkles. Individuals that want to do away with these drawbacks often go with carpet stretching for several reasons.

Increase Carpet Life Span

Carpet stretching solution can be excellent for carpet life span. If you look at your carpet and  notice that it’s moving away from its adding strips, stretching work could be able to reverse the issue. Due to this, it may keep your carpet in great condition for a lot longer and you won’t need to change it frequently. Carpet stretching could get rid of unpleasant bulges as well as prevent tears, rips and holes.


Believe it or not, carpet stretching may increase the safety level in your house. Carpet that has a lot of bulges, ripples and wrinkles can in fact create a significant threat to your health. The loose carpets are also on this list. That’s because it could cause people to trip, fall and also injure themselves. If you have kids or pets at house, or your carpet lies just in a high-traffic area, carpet stretching is a terrific idea to avoid potential injuries. Individuals who don’t wish to deal with the stress and anxieties of injuries could obtain a great deal of comfort by asking for a professional stretching service in Chattanooga.


By using carpet stretching service, you also help to keep your space clean, neat and tidy. If you’re lucky and don’t injure yourself after tripping on a carpet surface ripples, you may simply dirty it while carrying favorite meal to the TV. This leads to sustainable spills and stains that can be hard to remove with DIY methods. In Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning we provide deep and intensive cleaning of your carpets and upholstery, but it’s always better safe than sorry. Who wants to deal with white or beige carpet that’s stained with steak sauce or salad dressing? If you really want to keep your carpets spick-and-span, carpet stretching can help you to make sure there are no ripples and bumps galore.

Save money

Complete carpeting replacement is a big time and huge both financial and energy commitment. If you don’t want to need to deal with the stress of full carpet replacement, carpet stretching service can be a lifesaver. It will save you much money, time and nerves from choosing a brand-new carpet.  Instead of spending hours or even days deciding what carpet exactly is appropriate for their houses could breathe sighs of relief. Carpet extending service can be a practical, very easy and economical way to take leave of several common carpeting issues.

Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning provides carpet repair services to bring back your carpet’s aesthetic value and can preserve your carpet flooring investment. We are Clean Trust Certified by the IICRC and are professionally trained to repair split seams, ripples, tears, and burns in all carpet types to like-new appearance. Call us to schedule your residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services.

What is considered to be water damage?

Water damage, in the simplest terms, is any type of damage that is sustained as the direct result of high water from flooding, broken pipes, or overruned bathrooms and sinks. This implies that any person can experience water damage, even those houses that are not near large areas of water. You ought to take care when you do experience water damage for a large range of reasons. The most remarkable is obviously mold. When mold has the potential to grow in a house that has experienced water damages you can be at risk of such health issues like breathing difficulty, allergies, as well as eye irritation.

Why Water Damage Is Dangerous For You?

Water is a breeding place for microorganisms. Also tidy drinking water that has actually been filtered for our intake still contains some degrees of bacteria. Therefore, water that triggers water damages in the residence has the possibility to bring in bacteria, also if it is water that comes from your pipes. Water is the excellent breeding ground for bacteria that require huge amounts of water to flourish. That’s why any type of water damage is dangerous for your health.

When water comes into the house in the type of flooding water, it brings all the germs that were present when it remained in the lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water. Likewise, water that overflows from toilets and also from various other pipelines could also down payment levels of microorganisms right into the home. On top of all that, germs is going to grow in stagnant water and also if you do not clean the water up completely, you are most likely to have trouble with mold and microorganisms growth.

How to Stop Growth of Bacteria from Water Damage

The most effective way to stop bacteria in the house as a result of water damages is to clean it up immediately. The longer water is permitted to stand and also go stale, the more likely it is to create microorganisms and various other nasty pollutants that could lead to health hazards for you and also for your household. You could clean up most standing water by yourself before speaking to an expert company Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning. 

In order to identify how much you need to go about cleaning up your water damages, you need to initially  establish just how significant the water damage is. A tiny burst pipe that just soaks the carpet is not most likely to be something that require emergency professional cleaning. If you have a house that has actually flooded as a result of high water, you will certainly require professional help. If you do call for professional help, we will clean up each area affected thoroughly.

Don’t hesitate to contact us! Water damage is dangerous for you.

Preserving tidy, fresh-looking, and also sanitary shower and tub locations can greatly boost the appeal, convenience, and value of your house. The specialists at Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning is also frequently asked about  best ways to maintain grout & tile cleaning tidy and healthy — without potentially dangerous microbes and fungus — as well as gleaming clean. Regular cleaning of your shower grout is vital, as soap, dust as well as crud have the tendency to sink deeply into cement lines, which leads to unattractive darkening and discoloration. Gradually, the wet shower setting produces a place for mold and mildew to flourish. Some mold and mildew kinds show up and also exhibit a greenish- black growth while other mold and mildew types are not visible. Mold may not only ruin the appearance of your shower or bathtub location, it is additionally a health hazard. Mold and mildew spores from your shower as well as bathtub area could launch extra spores that cause allergic reactions and also respiratory disorders.

So, exactly what can be done to recover shower grout to spotless white condition as well as wellness? Fortunately, reliable shower grout cleaning does not constantly require harsh, rough chemicals. With a little effort, small discolorations as well as accumulation can be eliminated securely and at very little price.

Here are some environmentally-friendly tips to maintaining shower grout clean:

1. To avoid discoloration, try out regular cleaning of your ceramic tile as well as grout with gentle cleaning agents. Baking soda or vinegar applied gently and also carefully might be used for general upkeep cleaning.

2. To avoid mold and mildew, control wetness in your shower and also bathroom with fans and dehumidifiers.

3. Avoid installing carpeting in bathrooms as they accumulate wetness and nurture mold growth.

4. Watch out for industrial cleaning products in closed areas. Never mix chlorine or bleach services with other different cleaning solutions or detergents containing ammonia as harmful fumes can be created.

5. Use rubber handwear covers as well as appropriate respiratory masks if you think any type of mold to be existing.

6. After correct cleaning, specialized sealers can protect tile and grout from soap build up and staining.

Certain deeply entrenched discolorations, dirt, or mold and mildew and mildew development might be impossible to eliminate using diy, green methods. In such situations, entrust you shower grout care to the specialists at the Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning for a clean and sanitary shower as well as bathroom. Don’t disregard regular cleaning and maintaining tips. Once you noticed your grout or tile became discolored – contact your local professionals immediately.  We provide much more services to keep your house clean and healthy.

From birthdays to wedding anniversaries, there are so many events in your life to celebrate. If you’re going to have a party in Chattanooga,  you’re probably overwhelmed with details, consisting of the guest listing or how many appetisers or bottles of wine to buy. However, there is an additional aspect you could neglect, yet should not: the potential for spills and spots on your carpets and also upholstered furniture. We at Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning are sure, that it just takes a couple of minutes as well as a little budget to guarantee there will be no regrettable reminders after the celebration on your carpet or sofa.

Prior to the Party

A few days prior to the celebration, have your carpets and also upholstery professionally cleaned. If this isn’t on your “to-do” list, consider it for one more factor besides creating a pleasurable house atmosphere. Emotionally, if the guests see your carpets and rugs are immaculate, they’re more probable to be especially careful with their glass of wine.

Cover What You Want Protected

More likely your carpets and upholstery are expensive. It makes  sense you want to protect that investment. It might seem an unnecessary waste, but it’s important to purchase a couple of economical carpet and sofa covers. Prior to the event begins, take the covers and put them in high-traffic areas. It’s essential to protect  your couches, chairs and anything that’s draped with a decorative throw or fitted cover. It’s a financial investment, but a minimal one when you take into consideration the money required to change your living-room carpeting.

Establish “Do Not Enter” Zones

You could be torn between making a welcoming atmosphere for your friends, and keeping your carpets and upholstery risk-free. If you’re extra concerned with the latter, consider placing your guests out of specific rooms. As an example, if you have an equipped basement or a designed backyard, think about organizing your gathering there instead. If you’ve lately installed brand-new carpet, don’t really feel ashamed to ask visitors to avoid or leave their drinks and footwears at the entryway.

Perform Frequent Walk-Throughs

As the event goes to the end, make numerous walks through your residence. Grab a garbage bag and also throw out any half-empty plastic cups or any kind of partly consumed food. If the celebration is huge, ask a good friend or family member to keep the trash under control. Not only do these walk-throughs protect your carpet and also furniture from stains, they make the post-party clean-up much faster.

Above all, do not forget to enjoy yourself during the party. If you’re terrified by the prospect of your closest friends and family trampling your carpet or staining your couch, consider a different venue. It’s not worth the convenience and money you spend to host a party at home if you’re can’t relax and enjoy the festivities. Or contact us to get everything cleaned after the party as soon as possible.