Carpet can tell a lot about you and your home – your style, taste, financial situation and even character.  That’s why it is significant to take proper care of it and clean regularly. Unfortunately, improper carpet installation can lead to unsightly wrinkles in your carpet and can damage the carpet’s backing, causing deterioration. There are many beneficial solutions around that could keep your carpet strong and appealing. Carpet stretching is one of them. Carpet stretching, briefly, is a kind of repair work that can aid get rid of surface area wrinkles. Individuals that want to do away with these drawbacks often go with carpet stretching for several reasons.

Increase Carpet Life Span

Carpet stretching solution can be excellent for carpet life span. If you look at your carpet and  notice that it’s moving away from its adding strips, stretching work could be able to reverse the issue. Due to this, it may keep your carpet in great condition for a lot longer and you won’t need to change it frequently. Carpet stretching could get rid of unpleasant bulges as well as prevent tears, rips and holes.


Believe it or not, carpet stretching may increase the safety level in your house. Carpet that has a lot of bulges, ripples and wrinkles can in fact create a significant threat to your health. The loose carpets are also on this list. That’s because it could cause people to trip, fall and also injure themselves. If you have kids or pets at house, or your carpet lies just in a high-traffic area, carpet stretching is a terrific idea to avoid potential injuries. Individuals who don’t wish to deal with the stress and anxieties of injuries could obtain a great deal of comfort by asking for a professional stretching service in Chattanooga.


By using carpet stretching service, you also help to keep your space clean, neat and tidy. If you’re lucky and don’t injure yourself after tripping on a carpet surface ripples, you may simply dirty it while carrying favorite meal to the TV. This leads to sustainable spills and stains that can be hard to remove with DIY methods. In Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning we provide deep and intensive cleaning of your carpets and upholstery, but it’s always better safe than sorry. Who wants to deal with white or beige carpet that’s stained with steak sauce or salad dressing? If you really want to keep your carpets spick-and-span, carpet stretching can help you to make sure there are no ripples and bumps galore.

Save money

Complete carpeting replacement is a big time and huge both financial and energy commitment. If you don’t want to need to deal with the stress of full carpet replacement, carpet stretching service can be a lifesaver. It will save you much money, time and nerves from choosing a brand-new carpet.  Instead of spending hours or even days deciding what carpet exactly is appropriate for their houses could breathe sighs of relief. Carpet extending service can be a practical, very easy and economical way to take leave of several common carpeting issues.

Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning provides carpet repair services to bring back your carpet’s aesthetic value and can preserve your carpet flooring investment. We are Clean Trust Certified by the IICRC and are professionally trained to repair split seams, ripples, tears, and burns in all carpet types to like-new appearance. Call us to schedule your residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services.

What is considered to be water damage?

Water damage, in the simplest terms, is any type of damage that is sustained as the direct result of high water from flooding, broken pipes, or overruned bathrooms and sinks. This implies that any person can experience water damage, even those houses that are not near large areas of water. You ought to take care when you do experience water damage for a large range of reasons. The most remarkable is obviously mold. When mold has the potential to grow in a house that has experienced water damages you can be at risk of such health issues like breathing difficulty, allergies, as well as eye irritation.

Why Water Damage Is Dangerous For You?

Water is a breeding place for microorganisms. Also tidy drinking water that has actually been filtered for our intake still contains some degrees of bacteria. Therefore, water that triggers water damages in the residence has the possibility to bring in bacteria, also if it is water that comes from your pipes. Water is the excellent breeding ground for bacteria that require huge amounts of water to flourish. That’s why any type of water damage is dangerous for your health.

When water comes into the house in the type of flooding water, it brings all the germs that were present when it remained in the lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water. Likewise, water that overflows from toilets and also from various other pipelines could also down payment levels of microorganisms right into the home. On top of all that, germs is going to grow in stagnant water and also if you do not clean the water up completely, you are most likely to have trouble with mold and microorganisms growth.

How to Stop Growth of Bacteria from Water Damage

The most effective way to stop bacteria in the house as a result of water damages is to clean it up immediately. The longer water is permitted to stand and also go stale, the more likely it is to create microorganisms and various other nasty pollutants that could lead to health hazards for you and also for your household. You could clean up most standing water by yourself before speaking to an expert company Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning. 

In order to identify how much you need to go about cleaning up your water damages, you need to initially  establish just how significant the water damage is. A tiny burst pipe that just soaks the carpet is not most likely to be something that require emergency professional cleaning. If you have a house that has actually flooded as a result of high water, you will certainly require professional help. If you do call for professional help, we will clean up each area affected thoroughly.

Don’t hesitate to contact us! Water damage is dangerous for you.

Preserving tidy, fresh-looking, and also sanitary shower and tub locations can greatly boost the appeal, convenience, and value of your house. The specialists at Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning is also frequently asked about  best ways to maintain grout & tile cleaning tidy and healthy — without potentially dangerous microbes and fungus — as well as gleaming clean. Regular cleaning of your shower grout is vital, as soap, dust as well as crud have the tendency to sink deeply into cement lines, which leads to unattractive darkening and discoloration. Gradually, the wet shower setting produces a place for mold and mildew to flourish. Some mold and mildew kinds show up and also exhibit a greenish- black growth while other mold and mildew types are not visible. Mold may not only ruin the appearance of your shower or bathtub location, it is additionally a health hazard. Mold and mildew spores from your shower as well as bathtub area could launch extra spores that cause allergic reactions and also respiratory disorders.

So, exactly what can be done to recover shower grout to spotless white condition as well as wellness? Fortunately, reliable shower grout cleaning does not constantly require harsh, rough chemicals. With a little effort, small discolorations as well as accumulation can be eliminated securely and at very little price.

Here are some environmentally-friendly tips to maintaining shower grout clean:

1. To avoid discoloration, try out regular cleaning of your ceramic tile as well as grout with gentle cleaning agents. Baking soda or vinegar applied gently and also carefully might be used for general upkeep cleaning.

2. To avoid mold and mildew, control wetness in your shower and also bathroom with fans and dehumidifiers.

3. Avoid installing carpeting in bathrooms as they accumulate wetness and nurture mold growth.

4. Watch out for industrial cleaning products in closed areas. Never mix chlorine or bleach services with other different cleaning solutions or detergents containing ammonia as harmful fumes can be created.

5. Use rubber handwear covers as well as appropriate respiratory masks if you think any type of mold to be existing.

6. After correct cleaning, specialized sealers can protect tile and grout from soap build up and staining.

Certain deeply entrenched discolorations, dirt, or mold and mildew and mildew development might be impossible to eliminate using diy, green methods. In such situations, entrust you shower grout care to the specialists at the Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning for a clean and sanitary shower as well as bathroom. Don’t disregard regular cleaning and maintaining tips. Once you noticed your grout or tile became discolored – contact your local professionals immediately.  We provide much more services to keep your house clean and healthy.

From birthdays to wedding anniversaries, there are so many events in your life to celebrate. If you’re going to have a party in Chattanooga,  you’re probably overwhelmed with details, consisting of the guest listing or how many appetisers or bottles of wine to buy. However, there is an additional aspect you could neglect, yet should not: the potential for spills and spots on your carpets and also upholstered furniture. We at Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning are sure, that it just takes a couple of minutes as well as a little budget to guarantee there will be no regrettable reminders after the celebration on your carpet or sofa.

Prior to the Party

A few days prior to the celebration, have your carpets and also upholstery professionally cleaned. If this isn’t on your “to-do” list, consider it for one more factor besides creating a pleasurable house atmosphere. Emotionally, if the guests see your carpets and rugs are immaculate, they’re more probable to be especially careful with their glass of wine.

Cover What You Want Protected

More likely your carpets and upholstery are expensive. It makes  sense you want to protect that investment. It might seem an unnecessary waste, but it’s important to purchase a couple of economical carpet and sofa covers. Prior to the event begins, take the covers and put them in high-traffic areas. It’s essential to protect  your couches, chairs and anything that’s draped with a decorative throw or fitted cover. It’s a financial investment, but a minimal one when you take into consideration the money required to change your living-room carpeting.

Establish “Do Not Enter” Zones

You could be torn between making a welcoming atmosphere for your friends, and keeping your carpets and upholstery risk-free. If you’re extra concerned with the latter, consider placing your guests out of specific rooms. As an example, if you have an equipped basement or a designed backyard, think about organizing your gathering there instead. If you’ve lately installed brand-new carpet, don’t really feel ashamed to ask visitors to avoid or leave their drinks and footwears at the entryway.

Perform Frequent Walk-Throughs

As the event goes to the end, make numerous walks through your residence. Grab a garbage bag and also throw out any half-empty plastic cups or any kind of partly consumed food. If the celebration is huge, ask a good friend or family member to keep the trash under control. Not only do these walk-throughs protect your carpet and also furniture from stains, they make the post-party clean-up much faster.

Above all, do not forget to enjoy yourself during the party. If you’re terrified by the prospect of your closest friends and family trampling your carpet or staining your couch, consider a different venue. It’s not worth the convenience and money you spend to host a party at home if you’re can’t relax and enjoy the festivities. Or contact us to get everything cleaned after the party as soon as possible. 

The quality of air at home should be a concern of any type of house owner, because it can affect your health, the way your interior looks and also the life of your cooling and heating devices. Several elements can affect your indoor air  quality, such as the condition of your carpets and upholstery. If you do not arrange regular carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning, you and your close ones become in danger because of allergens, dust, and bacteria in your house. Let’s take a look at how professional upholstery cleaning can boost your indoor air quality.

Every time you sit or lie down on your favorite sofa, dining-room table, or end chairs, you are pressing dust, dander, skin, as well as microorganisms right into the fibers and surfaces. As these elements build up, they could trigger enhanced allergy symptoms, problems with breathing and general health issue. These symptoms and the bacteria are all related to bad indoor air quality. Check out this info-graphics!


The Hidden Hazards of Indoor Air


Nonetheless, you could schedule professional upholstery cleaning to improve the situation.  Call us today. 

Whether it’s the fault of a new family pet who hasn’t already been completely housebroken, an old family pet with falling health, or awkward daily spills, accidents that cause the demand of carpet odor elimination happen for a variety of reasons. One of the policies for carpeting odor elimination is to act promptly, due to the fact that when the discolor has actually set in it will certainly be harder to remove the visual  and olfactory traces of it. A typically ignored cause of undesirable odor is mildew that has actually resulted from the floor covering or the padding below it getting overly damp and remaining moist. The growth of microorganisms is a side effect of allowing a spill or crash to clear up right into the carpet fibers, which can be very dangerous. Yet it is additionally something that you can prevent easily.

Some scents, like cigarette smoke, could not be pinned to a particular place on the flooring covering. Occasionally smells remain long after the damaged spot has actually been recognized, soaped, blotted, rinsed and deodorized. A strong ammonia smell could fill the room and force people to look for the best technique of carpet smell elimination. A heavy steam cleaning is usually the method taken to get rid of lingering smells. A steam  cleaner uses water heated to the point of evaporation to pass into the pile of the floor covering deeply. The steam dislodges debris and dirt that are trapped in the fibers.

Baking soda and also distilled white vinegar have been known to be beneficial enhancements to the stock of cleaning supplies used to tend to scents in the house. Using baking soda prior to vacuuming can have a deodorizing effect. When it involves carpet odor removal, the do-it-yourself cleaning options fade in comparison to the job that could be done by a qualified professional service. One of the most reliable technique of carpet odor removal is speaking with a professional. Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning has been working with all sorts of stains, fabric materials, brands and carpet constructions, and can put that knowledge to good use when determining the best method of treatment. We have all the needed machines and experience to handle floor covering that have been regularly used for a long period of time.  Usually professional cleaning solutions are more powerful compared to those that could be purchased over the counter. An area that has actually been soiled continuously might have greater than just filthy surface area fibers, as the backing and the floor underneath may be contaminated too. A qualified expert knows how to take care of the entire problem.

Even flooring that are not spoiled by stains or odors need some regular maintenance to keep them at their ideal for longer. Regular treatment and maintain results in a longer life span of the floor covering, and provides an overall cleaner indoor environment. Although a specialist may use the very same approach of treatment for removing aromas, the steam cleaner, their training and previous hands-on involvement usually yields a more satisfactory and thorough job than a DIY approach.

Call Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning at 423-331-5980 to schedule your residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services!

House security is a vital part of day-to-day life that many Americans pay very close attention to. Just how we build our homes and what we put in must pose the least amount of danger to our families as possible. However, some house dangers may get past our guard and remain hidden literally right under our noses, waiting to bring harm to us and our family members.

When we think about potential hazards in the house, the carpet is most likely the last point on our minds. Carpets normally mean convenience, heat and design to the average person. In truth, carpets can posture substantial health risks if they’re not cleaned often. To find out the best way to clean your carpets, click here. 

While harmless-looking on the surface, a dirty carpet is in fact the whole world for germs, microbes and various other toxic irritants that can make us ill. Right here’s a listing of feasible health issues that you and also the people around you could experience if you let your carpets go uncleaned for extended periods:

1. Breathing issues

Unclean carpets are robust environments for small microorganisms that we do not need in our homes. Dust mites, volatile compounds and molds multiply rapidly as dirt, pet hair and human skin cells that serve as their food accumulate in a carpet’s fibers. When these organisms are kicked into the air by momentum from walking people, they can be inhaled and cause different breathing issues.

Resulting health  problems could range from banal coughing and runny nose to cold-like symptoms, asthma strikes and cross allergic reactions. Mold and mildew that expands in dirty carpets can create mycotoxins that make in-house air harmful to breathe. Extended exposure can go beyond nasal irritation and also result in neirotoxicity, hypersensitivity or even cancer.

2. Skin Infection

A dirty carpeting gathers both living and non-living toxic irritants to your skin that could cause inflammation, itchiness and even swelling. This is made even extra complicated by the fact that usual home parasites like roaches as well as rats are brought in to the particles stuck in an unclean rug’s fibers. These pests carry dangerous germs of their own, subjecting you and also your household to much more disease-causing microorganisms.

A common yet extremely frustrating skin disease closely related to filthy carpets is called athlete’s foot. This contagious fungal infection can be acquired by walking barefoot on a fungi-infested carpet. The fungi exploits cuts, scrapes and also breaks in the skin, breeds there and triggers chronic itching later.

Skin asthma attacks could likewise be caused by dirt and dust in a dirty carpet. Some people have asthma that doesn’t manifest itself as hard breathing. They rather obtain itchy rashes that show up when an individual who has the problem is being subjected to asthma-triggering irritants.

3. Allergic reactions

Individuals who have pre-existing allergies can suffer an allergic attack when they come in contact with an unclean carpet’s gathered contents. Dust, animal hairs, fungi spores and little insects are one of the most common culprits. Scratchy skin, sneezing and malaise are the typical results of allergic reactions.

4. Higher stress and anxiety levels

Studies have shown that being in an unclean environment can raise a person’s stress and anxiety levels. While anxiety doesn’t do any type of immediate damage, too much of it could deteriorate the immune system and also make you more susceptible to disease. It has additionally been confirmed that individuals with cardiac conditions run a greater threat of experiencing heart attacks or strokes when they are chronically stressed.

For a cleaner and healthier home, make it a rule to regularly have your carpets and rugs cleaned. For best results, we as a provider of professional carpet cleaning service are always here to help you.  For more information, contact us today –INFO@CHATTANOGACARPET.CLEANING


Once your grout is too embedded and moldy with all this forever stuck  soap gunk, it often seems that the only solution is to remove the grout and put new. But why go to all this hard work when you can just effectively clean it?

If you’ve spent too many hours with an old tooth brush in front of your dirty floor tiles, cleaning your tile and grout with vapor is most likely to be the best decision. The steam machines we use usually include a base device on wheels that holds the water, and after that a nozzle with a hose that places the power of heavy steam right in our hands. All these are the needed components that help a certified specialist to make your tile and grout clean as you’ve just put it.

Steam is usually kicked in as the great weapon when various other methods of cleaning don’t work. The pressurized nature of a professional steam cleaner makes it an excellent selection for something like grout, that collects and absorbs dust, grime, as well as mildew. It’s merely the natural rescue, since home contractors use tile in locations that are going to see a great deal of use, and also a great deal of wetness. While the tiles could be insensible to such thing like water, the grout that goes between them is not. That’s why, the process of cleaning a bathroom, kitchen or any other tiled room or surface scares a lot of people.

What are the benefits of professional steam cleaning for tile and grout?
  • Only 15 second contact with steam kills 99% bacteria.
  • Do not require harsh chemicals or fumes. So, it’s safe for your family and pets.
  • Saves your time – no rubbing or mopping, a professional will do everything for you.
  • Saves your money – professional cleaning is much cheaper then remodeling.
  • Steam also can be used on such surfaces as vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, stone and sealed hard wood or laminate floors.

Compared with other means of cleaning your grout, steam is the safest one. It may seem paradoxical to use a water-based remedy to a water-caused issue like grime and mold, but it’s the temperature level of the water and the pressure that makes the distinction.

Tired of dirty tile and grout? Just call us for a professional Chattanooga cleaning service!

Given that it is advised to deep clean your carpets at least annually, the  common question arises: should I do it myself or hire a professional? Which alternative is best usually depends on the financial  means and state of your carpet. Though vacuuming is merely a way to maintain your carpet,  it is not effective for eliminating deep stains. Everyone faces a situation when vacuuming helps no longer and a rigorous cleaning is needed.
We’ve done some researchers on this topic and spent resources to find out the impact of chemical carpet cleaning and the best way for your home to stay safe and clean. Right here are our professional recommendations:

Want to clean carpets yourself?

Initially, you’ll need to rent a special washing machine that works with steam. Click here if you want to know the advantages of steam cleaning. Such machines spread out hot water at high pressures, then rinse and also vacuum up the dampness. Have you ever before attempted to vacuum water? This is definitely a hard work. So you’ll be making use of a large quantity of water and you’ll have longer completely dry times and also higher threat of mildew growth.
Furthermore, chemical products cannot be totally  rinsed from your carpet. These soap particles attract dirt and eventually your carpet will get dirty much sooner.
Renting out or having your personal equipment comes with a high price, particularly in case of time and work. You’ll need to purchase your own cleaning options, choose the proper machine (what is impossible without professional advice), move your sofa and wardrobes and do the cleaning yourself. Plus, in some cases you have to still scrub difficulty areas yourself. What is worse, you risk to make costly mistakes as well as accrue late fees for not returning the machine on time.

Why Professional Cleaning is Much Better

When you hire an expert, you work with a person that is specially trained as well as accredited to clean your carpets according to a specific requirement. Although you could continue your weekly vacuuming, it may still be essential to periodically hire the team to clean dirt caught deep within the fibers of your carpets. A specialist carpet cleaning includes a knowledgeable as well as experienced professional who reviews your carpet and also uses hot-water removal to clean dust or soil that’s deep within your carpet. Expert devices not just make the water hotter, but also can suck up more moisture during the cleaning process. Usually, this top-notch cleaning is way far effective than you could do on your own with store-bought products.

If you contact a specialist service as Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning, a technician will do this wide range of services for you, saving you time and a trip to the chiropractic practitioner 🙂

Together with carpet and furniture cleaning jobs, our company often gets asked to provide stain removal treatment for individuals. Most stains and spillages can be effected and removed efficiently if we know what we’re concerned with.

But the biggest problems arise when a customer purchases and uses one of the popular stain removal products that can be bought in most shops.  Sometimes it’s difficult to understand how some of these products can even be sold as “stain removers”.  Usually, they don’t help to get rid of the stain and just make it looking far worse and much harder to remove.

Actually, from professional point of view and experience, they’re more likely to “set” the stain. As a result, a blot goes through discoloring as well as carpet fibres inside and around it.  On average, 70% of people complain about a stain that has gone out of control and now appears worse than when it was left untreated.

In some cases, we may take a professional process of rectifying i.e carpet or upholstery material in the damaged section may be “re-colored”  into the previous cast. Unfortunately, there are some stains that once treated can’t be fully cleaned and very often can only be merely improved.

The main reason of such problem is using of  the “stain removers”, which change the chemical structure of the blot and also destroy the fibres. In the majority of these cases, if the stain was left untreated by the shop bought stain remover we would have been able to fully remove all traces of the original stain.

Finally, do not let the marketing campaigns cheat you and force you to buy not only unnecessary, but also harmful products. If you have any question or stain removal problem – Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning company is always at your service, just call us!

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