Now it’s obvious, why  you need to clean your carpets and how, but life is an unpredictable thing, accidents happen, and you should know, where to ask for help in case of emergency.

Earlier, a carpet water damage was a problem of a great concern, but now we are able to dry and recover it, no matter what happened. It may be a little drop of coffee or wine, a burst pipe or even a serious flood – we know how to help you.

However, not all water damage is alike and there are 3 types:

FIRst type

This type is known as pure water or white water. It is a clean water, which runs from taps and could be caused by overflowing sink in the kitchen or bathtub in the bathroom, water supply failure, broken dishwasher, washing machine or faucet. As in most cases this water is potable, it is completely harmless to people and pets. However, after 48 hours, it turns into the 2nd type.


Also called a gray water type, because the damages are done by wastewater from showers, bathtubs and sinks or discharged water from the dishwasher or washing machine during their working.  Remember, that only a water, that has not contacted with human waste, is grey. In this situation you need to act quickly and call to the cleaning company , otherwise your carpet will be covered with mold and mustiness. It goes without saying, that dirty water can be dangerous for your health due to various bacteria. That’s why, after just 2 days without professional cleaning, this type turns into the 3rd.


3rd type is known as black water, which main source is sewage. Moreover, if a natural disaster like flood strikes out, this type of damage happens. It occurs due to the possibility of chemicals found in soil, infected areas, animal waste and so on. Black water contains toxins and disease-causing organisms, so everything should be cleaned up immediately.

As you see, water damage can have different nature and danger level, so make sure you called to the Chattanooga professionals  to disinfect your carpet and repair it.

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