Together with carpet and furniture cleaning jobs, our company often gets asked to provide stain removal treatment for individuals. Most stains and spillages can be effected and removed efficiently if we know what we’re concerned with.

But the biggest problems arise when a customer purchases and uses one of the popular stain removal products that can be bought in most shops.  Sometimes it’s difficult to understand how some of these products can even be sold as “stain removers”.  Usually, they don’t help to get rid of the stain and just make it looking far worse and much harder to remove.

Actually, from professional point of view and experience, they’re more likely to “set” the stain. As a result, a blot goes through discoloring as well as carpet fibres inside and around it.  On average, 70% of people complain about a stain that has gone out of control and now appears worse than when it was left untreated.

In some cases, we may take a professional process of rectifying i.e carpet or upholstery material in the damaged section may be “re-colored”  into the previous cast. Unfortunately, there are some stains that once treated can’t be fully cleaned and very often can only be merely improved.

The main reason of such problem is using of  the “stain removers”, which change the chemical structure of the blot and also destroy the fibres. In the majority of these cases, if the stain was left untreated by the shop bought stain remover we would have been able to fully remove all traces of the original stain.

Finally, do not let the marketing campaigns cheat you and force you to buy not only unnecessary, but also harmful products. If you have any question or stain removal problem – Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning company is always at your service, just call us!

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