On average carpets are replaced every seven years.  If you are going to have your wall-to-wall carpet look like a new one and keep it for more than just couple of years, Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning company has several tips on how to extend the life of your carpet.

1. Don’t bring the dirt inside.

In many countries it is customary to remove their shoes when going into a house. This practice really helps to prevent bringing the dirt inside your house and on your carpet. If you want to use your shoes inside, entry mats likewise reduce the amount of dirt entering your home.

Did you know? The researches show that it takes about 17 steps to make the soles of your shoes clean. Once the dirt is on your carpet, it then sifts down to the carpeting backing as well as eats round the fibers, actually wearing it out. This results into discoloration and the carpet looks dull, even after cleaning. Why? Because dust particles scratches the carpet fiber, just the way a diamond scratches glass.

2. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

This advice may seem obvious. Have you already bought the ideal vacuum-cleaner? This is not enough! You need to take it out and use it as often as possible.  First, make certain it works correctly: the bag (or bagless cyndrical tube) should be more than half empty. the belt that turns the brushes should be tight; and the brushes should not be  packed with hair/lint. Vacuuming up the noticeable crumbs and dust isn’t adequate, either.  You’ll have to vacuum high-traffic lanes 4 times a week and 2-3 times the others.

3. Remove stains.

Nowadays, many carpets claim to have “Stain Warranties.” Yet you still need to clean up spills and also spots from the carpet. If you don’t do this, the substance on the fabric can oxidize into a permanent stain.

Bear in mind, carpets is a delicate fabric. Always blot carefully to eliminate a spot. Never ever rub or scrub and try to avoid using chemicals. Just use a little of detergent and carefully blot. You may should repeat this procedure 2 or three times before the carpeting is clean. Do not over-wet the carpet.

4. Shift The Furniture.

Heavy furniture is a challenge for carpet fibers, as it is put at a set location and work dirt into the carpet pile and backing.  If your area design enables it, shift the furniture on a regular basis. Your carpet will certainly appreciate it if you can do it every 6 months. You will prevent premature wear areas by moving your furniture around.

5. Professional Cleaning.

The majority of  carpet warranties require professional cleaning every 18-24 months. Upkeep is essential.

There are numerous methods of carpet cleaning. Most carpet establishments recommend to clean their carpets with the use of hot water extraction method, i.e., vapor cleaning.  This technique removes much more dirt as well as more types of spills and stains to various other methods.

Of course, there are some features of hot water removal that you need to know. Like anything else, if it’s not done correctly, it can harm or even ruin the carpet.  Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning is a certified company with highly educated and professionally trained stuff.  We can clean your carpetings in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Professional cleaning can also save your time by getting rid of excessive water so the carpet dries faster– in hours, not days. Carpet cleaning professionals will certainly wash the carpet fibers to remove residues that would otherwise attract dirt and make the carpeting re-soil quickly.

With these four easy steps, your will definitely extend the life of your carpet. Want to know more? Call us today!

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