Did you simply pre-treat that carpet stain? If yes, here’s an interesting fact for you – some stains do not require a preprocess.

Below is why pre-treating stains is not constantly a good thing.

First, there are many different kinds of spots made from various types of sources such as food, coffee, tea, wine, paint and so on. It goes without saying, that these substances are all different in their own way. We can not possibly review all of them here, but we can discuss the downsides from pre-treating.

So, there are 2 various sorts of drink as well as food spots that come from dyes. These are called “Synthetic” and “Organic” dyes.

Synthetic dyes.

Synthetic toners  are artificial ones created from beverage items such as kool-aid, Hawaiian Punch or anything consisting of red, blue, green, orange and yellow colors.  It is relatively easy to notice that most of these dyes can be found in children desserts as well as sodas, juices and other drinks. Artificial dyes are made from petroleum and approved for use by the FDA to boost the color of processed foods. They are elaborated in chemical laboratories mainly using different types of oil.

Because of dyes being derived from petroleum, this suggests, when spilled оn any type of upholstery, rug or carpet, the color passes through the fibers creating the stain. That is why, the food color really penetrates the fibers from olefin, nylon and also polyester. Once a stain is set, pre-treating the blot is senseless and a thief of time. There are almost no retail products that work well for synthetic color removal. If you make a decision to pre-treat a stain, for example red, everything that you will see is just the stain changing its color from bright red to light pink with blurred outlines. The blot will certainly continue to be!  What is worse, the stain will be harder to remove with time. So by now you will have a huge pink blot that’s more difficult to remove because of the pre-treatment process. If you wonder what to do in this case – just leave the stain alone!

Organic dyes

Next are the “Organic” dyes from wine, coffee, tea and also all-natural fruit juices. These kinds of stains can be super challenging to remove and also can adjust their color over time. For example, pasta sauce stain is red, yet changes to yellow with time. If you were to pre-treat a natural stain, it will change instantly to a various color and spot the fiber much more! Sure, the Internet is full of different tips and methods of cleaning carpet with household chemicals or substances, but they are true just partially. In such situation, all you will do just enlighten the stain a little and in worst case – spoil your favorite carpet with ammonia or peroxide.

Do not waste your time and make the removal process more difficult. The only thing you should do is call us for a professional Chattanooga cleaning service and forget about the stains forever.

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