Mold and mildew development is a real danger to your house and health, especially if it starts in or below the carpet. Home owners may not recognize they have mold and mildew underneath their carpets till they suffer from signs and symptoms such as increased allergies and respiratory system problems. The best way to remove mold is prevent it. That is why, house owners should understand the typical reasons that cause mold, like insufficient carpet cleaning. Below, Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning experts will tell you the main causes of carpet mold and, what is more important, how to get rid of it.

High Humidity

There should be specific conditions for mold to develop and warmth, bacteria, and humidity are among them. If a carpet or location has actually been revealed to these 3 elements, then mold– or signs associated with mold– will likely start to show up. Mold and mildew will usually start to develop under the carpet or within the carpet padding, so it may be difficult to recognize. If you spill some liquid on the carpet, or there was any type of water damage, then there is a high danger of mold and mildew development. Mold could also grow in homes and spaces that experience high humidity. Carpets in or near bathrooms and cooking areas should be examined consistently to ensure there is no mold development.

Insufficient Cleaning

Poorly cleaned carpet spills and stains are a considerable resource of mold and mildew growth. If a spill or stain has not been cleansed whatsoever, then mold and mildew can swiftly adhere to and spread out beneath the carpets. If a spill is not cleaned appropriately, then mold and mildew might grow soon. Even if you take care of your carpets and wash them regularly but haven’t dried them completely, this can lead to mold issue as well. To make sure your carpets are dry, it is better to have Chattanooga specialists to conduct a deep, professional cleaning.

Low-Quality Carpet

Low-quality rugs and carpets could likewise be a source of mold and mildew. This happens because of poor materials that can also be infected even before you took your carpet home or improper installation. House owners can prevent mold and mildew development in carpeting by setting up an anti-microbial carpet padding and picking up the high-quality carpets. With anti-microbial properties and moisture resistance, it will be difficult for mold to grow on a high-quality carpeting material. This rubber-slab carpet padding is very useful in areas that experience high humidity, such as Chattanooga.

Can Steam Remove Mold?

During the steam cleaning, your carpet is being disinfected with the hot water of about 180-F. As a result, there should be very little, if any kind of, living microorganisms in your rug right away after including mold and mildew.

Another aspect is that a carpet that is properly steam cleaned becomes completely dry in no more than twelve hours. In that amount of time, in Chattanooga, TN climate, your carpet will not mold. The professional technicians at Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning also do their best to insure that your carpet is dry even quicker compared to that,  as we know you want to start using your house normally as soon as possible.

If you found out carpet mold and don’t know what to do, you may stay sure that steam cleaning is the best way to remove mold from your carpet. It’s best to attack a mold problem immediately before it infected your house. Helping you keep your house clean, sanitized and healthy is a primary goal at Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning. Call us today if you have any issues with your carpet, upholstery or grout!

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