You may want to sell your house and think there is a high chance to do it. The marketplace nowadays is full of potential home buyers looking for a property just like yours, with its 2 bathrooms, big back yard, garage and other attractive features.

But none of these advantages will not matter if the place isn’t really cared for and  looks it – with smudged windows, grimy sinks, as well as carpets that will keep people off your house. And when we say keep off, we mean it.

Whether your living-room rug is plush or berber, that floor surface area is most likely seething with bacteria. According to the Philip Tierno, a microbiologist as well as the author of The Secret Life of Germs, one inch of your carpet can be a place of living for 200,000 bacteria!

This may sound like an invisible horror story, but the worst is yet to come if you do nothing. But do not hurry to buy a carpet shampoo – it may be useless. Steam has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of bacteria, germs and even fungus due to its high temperature.  Below are a few other reasons why expert carpet cleaning (like Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning) as well as selling your property go hand-in-hand.

Easy Upgrade

Remodellings are costly. New, eye-catching devices, landscape design, or necessary upgrades like new roof covering shingling could run to the thousands. Even simple repainting of your wall surfaces could be expensive. On the other hand, working with a carpet cleaning expert to refresh and do up your floors will likely cost you ten times less, resulting in an easy refresh  on a budget. Moreover, this is much quicker.


The air quality and absence of unpleasant smells is of a big concern while looking for a house.  Everyone knows that after some time spent staying in a place, you stop noticing the smell of your own house, which sometimes includes such odours like mildew, pets, and also cigarette smoke. The smell is actually an indicator of how you treated the place. Carpets resemble sponges that absorb all these smells. Once a potential buyer is inside your home, wouldn’t you rather they smell a thoroughly cleaned and deodorized wall-to-wall carpet?


Buying a new house is a great deal as this is not just a piece of property, it’s the place where a person will probably spend the whole life. And how s/he feels here is a key factor, even if your house has many advantages.  That’s why many real estate viewers walk about the rooms and if your carpet isn’t at its ideal underfoot – matted down, crusty in places from spilled drinks or even just not its best, lofty self  – buyers may  decide to look elsewhere on their search to discover a house that’s been better cared for.


Most diligent real estate vendors wish to leave their area looking its best for the new homeowners. But this is not about your personal preferences only – the better your house looks, the higher is the price for it. Though this is a fact of life, many neglect it. Any detail can be a factor in estimating the value of your property.  So why not to clean your carpets do it early enough that it can earn you a quick sale, at your asking price.

Having your carpets cleaned by a professional may seem like an extra, unnecessary expenditure, but it’s not true. Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning can take care of your carpets so they will look like brand-new in a few hours!  Just contact us today!

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