Carpet Repair Services in the Chattanooga Area


Your carpet gets a lot of foot traffic and eventually will show signs of wear and tear. Replacing your carpet doesn’t have to be an option. Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning provides carpet repair services to bring back your carpet’s aesthetic value and can preserve your carpet flooring investment.

Carpet Repair Services

Our technicians are Clean Trust Certified by the IICRC in carpet repair and are professionally trained to repair split seams, ripples, tears, and burns in all carpet types to like-new appearance. We pride ourselves in carpet stain removal due to pet urine, coffee, juice, ink, and other unsightly stains and spills. For the faded, bleached or worn areas, we offer carpet spot dyeing services to bring back the original luster of your carpeting. Whether your carpet is need of stretching, patching, color restoration or water damage repair, CCC is here for you.

Carpet Stretching

Improper carpet installation can lead to unsightly wrinkles in your carpet and can damage the carpet’s backing, causing deterioration. Once the backing begins to deteriorate, it cannot be corrected, therefore requiring immediate carpet repair. Our technicians can gently stretch your carpet to repair wrinkles before your carpet is permanently damaged.

Carpet Patching

To repair snags, burns and damaged spots in your carpet, we offers a patching service called “bonded inserts.” Our inserts blend with your carpet and are a permanent solution to repairing the damaged areas of your carpet before smaller issues continue to deteriorate to the point of needing to be replaced entirely.

Color Restoration

If your carpets have been discolored by the sun or harsh chemicals such as bleach, our carpet color restoration can help restore your carpet’s original color. Small spots treated with our color restoration are hard to detect and the process is less expensive than replacing your entire carpet.

Carpet Water Damage Repair

Contact CCC immediately when water damage occurs to increase your chances of restoring your carpet or hard surface flooring. Whether it’s a burst pipe, water leak or flooding, our water damage restoration technicians are available to clean up the flooded water, repair flooring and and restore any of your property’s water damage.

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