Once your grout is too embedded and moldy with all this forever stuck  soap gunk, it often seems that the only solution is to remove the grout and put new. But why go to all this hard work when you can just effectively clean it?

If you’ve spent too many hours with an old tooth brush in front of your dirty floor tiles, cleaning your tile and grout with vapor is most likely to be the best decision. The steam machines we use usually include a base device on wheels that holds the water, and after that a nozzle with a hose that places the power of heavy steam right in our hands. All these are the needed components that help a certified specialist to make your tile and grout clean as you’ve just put it.

Steam is usually kicked in as the great weapon when various other methods of cleaning don’t work. The pressurized nature of a professional steam cleaner makes it an excellent selection for something like grout, that collects and absorbs dust, grime, as well as mildew. It’s merely the natural rescue, since home contractors use tile in locations that are going to see a great deal of use, and also a great deal of wetness. While the tiles could be insensible to such thing like water, the grout that goes between them is not. That’s why, the process of cleaning a bathroom, kitchen or any other tiled room or surface scares a lot of people.

What are the benefits of professional steam cleaning for tile and grout?
  • Only 15 second contact with steam kills 99% bacteria.
  • Do not require harsh chemicals or fumes. So, it’s safe for your family and pets.
  • Saves your time – no rubbing or mopping, a professional will do everything for you.
  • Saves your money – professional cleaning is much cheaper then remodeling.
  • Steam also can be used on such surfaces as vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, stone and sealed hard wood or laminate floors.

Compared with other means of cleaning your grout, steam is the safest one. It may seem paradoxical to use a water-based remedy to a water-caused issue like grime and mold, but it’s the temperature level of the water and the pressure that makes the distinction.

Tired of dirty tile and grout? Just call us for a professional Chattanooga cleaning service!

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