Cold as well as flu season is upon us. Every year we seem to face a brand-new as well as much more dangerous variation of flu. An occasional day of rest just lying on a couch and watching favorite TV series is great, but only until it includes a stuffy nose, painful cough and high body temperature. Here are some fast pointers to assist you survive cold as well as flu period and also save those sick days for when you really want to use them.


Each year some variant of 3 standard types of flu will certainly be the one to trigger difficulty. The flu vaccine is modified annually to safeguard us from the one professionals believe will be the most widespread. Often we could experience some pain or small flu symptoms the day after the shot however it will certainly secure you from the full-blown variety.

Clean Hands

Washing your hands will certainly help keep those annoying bacteria away. Use soap and scrub for at least 20 seconds. Scrub like a surgeon would prior to surgery. Do not forget in between your fingers, rear of your hands and under fingernails also. Clean those hands numerous times a day.


Regular workout will certainly maintain your body operating in optimal form. Routine exercise aids maintain your body immune system strong and also a healthy and balanced body equals a healthy and balanced mind also. Exercise will assist you recover from cool and influenza quicker as well as make you really feel better all year long.

Steam Cleaning Is Essential During Cold & Flu Season

Bacteria and viruses are pretty versatile agents and can be found basically anywhere. Doorknobs, desks, counters, as well as floorings are all common places for infections and also microorganisms to reproduce. Actually, your floors need to be cleaned regular to help minimize the level of allergens, dust mites, as well as dust that gets tracked in over the cold months of the year.

Your carpets can be compared to an air filter and keeping it clean is the best way to improve healthy atmosphere and also air quality at your office or home. Specialist steam cleansing can get rid of approximately 99% of germs lurking in your floors. Make sure to contact a carpet cleaning appointment with a knowledgeable and experienced company before illness spreads through the Chattanooga area.

If relatives or colleagues get cold or flu prior to steam cleaning is completed, await the illness to go through and after that instantly contact Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning to steam clean all the surfaces and get rid of the leftover bacteria before they have the possibility to assault once again.

We hope this ideas will help maintain you as well as your family members risk-free and healthy and balanced this cold & flu period. Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning has the expertise to turn your home or business into a steam cleaned, healthy environment. Give us a call so we can eliminate most of the germs tempted to make you sick this winter!

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