House security is a vital part of day-to-day life that many Americans pay very close attention to. Just how we build our homes and what we put in must pose the least amount of danger to our families as possible. However, some house dangers may get past our guard and remain hidden literally right under our noses, waiting to bring harm to us and our family members.

When we think about potential hazards in the house, the carpet is most likely the last point on our minds. Carpets normally mean convenience, heat and design to the average person. In truth, carpets can posture substantial health risks if they’re not cleaned often. To find out the best way to clean your carpets, click here. 

While harmless-looking on the surface, a dirty carpet is in fact the whole world for germs, microbes and various other toxic irritants that can make us ill. Right here’s a listing of feasible health issues that you and also the people around you could experience if you let your carpets go uncleaned for extended periods:

1. Breathing issues

Unclean carpets are robust environments for small microorganisms that we do not need in our homes. Dust mites, volatile compounds and molds multiply rapidly as dirt, pet hair and human skin cells that serve as their food accumulate in a carpet’s fibers. When these organisms are kicked into the air by momentum from walking people, they can be inhaled and cause different breathing issues.

Resulting health  problems could range from banal coughing and runny nose to cold-like symptoms, asthma strikes and cross allergic reactions. Mold and mildew that expands in dirty carpets can create mycotoxins that make in-house air harmful to breathe. Extended exposure can go beyond nasal irritation and also result in neirotoxicity, hypersensitivity or even cancer.

2. Skin Infection

A dirty carpeting gathers both living and non-living toxic irritants to your skin that could cause inflammation, itchiness and even swelling. This is made even extra complicated by the fact that usual home parasites like roaches as well as rats are brought in to the particles stuck in an unclean rug’s fibers. These pests carry dangerous germs of their own, subjecting you and also your household to much more disease-causing microorganisms.

A common yet extremely frustrating skin disease closely related to filthy carpets is called athlete’s foot. This contagious fungal infection can be acquired by walking barefoot on a fungi-infested carpet. The fungi exploits cuts, scrapes and also breaks in the skin, breeds there and triggers chronic itching later.

Skin asthma attacks could likewise be caused by dirt and dust in a dirty carpet. Some people have asthma that doesn’t manifest itself as hard breathing. They rather obtain itchy rashes that show up when an individual who has the problem is being subjected to asthma-triggering irritants.

3. Allergic reactions

Individuals who have pre-existing allergies can suffer an allergic attack when they come in contact with an unclean carpet’s gathered contents. Dust, animal hairs, fungi spores and little insects are one of the most common culprits. Scratchy skin, sneezing and malaise are the typical results of allergic reactions.

4. Higher stress and anxiety levels

Studies have shown that being in an unclean environment can raise a person’s stress and anxiety levels. While anxiety doesn’t do any type of immediate damage, too much of it could deteriorate the immune system and also make you more susceptible to disease. It has additionally been confirmed that individuals with cardiac conditions run a greater threat of experiencing heart attacks or strokes when they are chronically stressed.

For a cleaner and healthier home, make it a rule to regularly have your carpets and rugs cleaned. For best results, we as a provider of professional carpet cleaning service are always here to help you.  For more information, contact us today –INFO@CHATTANOGACARPET.CLEANING


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