Carpet can tell a lot about you and your home – your style, taste, financial situation and even character.  That’s why it is significant to take proper care of it and clean regularly. Unfortunately, improper carpet installation can lead to unsightly wrinkles in your carpet and can damage the carpet’s backing, causing deterioration. There are many beneficial solutions around that could keep your carpet strong and appealing. Carpet stretching is one of them. Carpet stretching, briefly, is a kind of repair work that can aid get rid of surface area wrinkles. Individuals that want to do away with these drawbacks often go with carpet stretching for several reasons.

Increase Carpet Life Span

Carpet stretching solution can be excellent for carpet life span. If you look at your carpet and  notice that it’s moving away from its adding strips, stretching work could be able to reverse the issue. Due to this, it may keep your carpet in great condition for a lot longer and you won’t need to change it frequently. Carpet stretching could get rid of unpleasant bulges as well as prevent tears, rips and holes.


Believe it or not, carpet stretching may increase the safety level in your house. Carpet that has a lot of bulges, ripples and wrinkles can in fact create a significant threat to your health. The loose carpets are also on this list. That’s because it could cause people to trip, fall and also injure themselves. If you have kids or pets at house, or your carpet lies just in a high-traffic area, carpet stretching is a terrific idea to avoid potential injuries. Individuals who don’t wish to deal with the stress and anxieties of injuries could obtain a great deal of comfort by asking for a professional stretching service in Chattanooga.


By using carpet stretching service, you also help to keep your space clean, neat and tidy. If you’re lucky and don’t injure yourself after tripping on a carpet surface ripples, you may simply dirty it while carrying favorite meal to the TV. This leads to sustainable spills and stains that can be hard to remove with DIY methods. In Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning we provide deep and intensive cleaning of your carpets and upholstery, but it’s always better safe than sorry. Who wants to deal with white or beige carpet that’s stained with steak sauce or salad dressing? If you really want to keep your carpets spick-and-span, carpet stretching can help you to make sure there are no ripples and bumps galore.

Save money

Complete carpeting replacement is a big time and huge both financial and energy commitment. If you don’t want to need to deal with the stress of full carpet replacement, carpet stretching service can be a lifesaver. It will save you much money, time and nerves from choosing a brand-new carpet.  Instead of spending hours or even days deciding what carpet exactly is appropriate for their houses could breathe sighs of relief. Carpet extending service can be a practical, very easy and economical way to take leave of several common carpeting issues.

Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning provides carpet repair services to bring back your carpet’s aesthetic value and can preserve your carpet flooring investment. We are Clean Trust Certified by the IICRC and are professionally trained to repair split seams, ripples, tears, and burns in all carpet types to like-new appearance. Call us to schedule your residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services.