Easter is celebrated all around the world and the custom of dyeing eggs is still common and very popular both in Europe and the USA. This is a great opportunity to gather with your family and spend time with kids. However, it is also easy to dirty your carpet or upholstery during having fun with painting eggs. Easter egg dye is most often simple food coloring and the key to successful stain removal is to treat the stains as soon as possible. Follow the guide from Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning on what to do with Easter egg dye on the carpet.

Make use of a dry, white paper towel to soak as much of the liquid as possible. Do it in the direction from outside edges towards the center to avoid spreading out the stain any further.

When paper towels doesn’t soak any more dye, mix just quarter teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with one glass of warm water. Dip a clean white towel or cloth into the prepared solution as well as blot the stain from the outside edges toward the center. Continue moving to a clean location of the cloth until the dye not transfers to it anymore.

Next step would be to dip a tidy white towel into plain water and blot to rinse the dishwashing liquid entirely out of the carpeting. This is need to prevent the cleaning agent from accumulating dust and dirt in future. After that, you would need to dry your carpet which you can do by airing it or using direct heat from a hairdryer, for instance. Though, you should be very careful not to spoil the carpet. Then just vacuum it to lift carpet fibers.

If it doesn’t help and you still can see the dye color, try a little bit of nonsudsing ammonia mixed with water (one tbsp per glass of cool water). Test the solution on the rug first in a spot which is not visible since ammonia can cause discoloration of some types of carpets.

Blot the discolored area with the ammonia solution. End up by blotting with plain water to rinse the area and let the carpet dry completely.

The very same cleaning methods that are used on the carpets can work for your upholstery as well. The secret is to never ever over-saturate the textile with the cleansing solution. Too much moisture can trigger issues with mold and mildew growth in the furniture padding.

If the upholstery is vintage or silk, do not risk as it is extremely easy to spoil the fabric. The best you can do in this case is to call Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning specialists. We will take care of your carpets and upholstery so nothing will spoil your Easter. Leave the worries and enjoy time with your family, while your house is being cleaned by professionals – just give us a call!

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