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Why be on a regular cleaning schedule?

We get a great deal of customers who want to be on a routine cleaning schedule, and others who wait till they cannot stand it any longer prior to they contact us to have their cleaning done. So, what are the advantages of being on a routine cleaning schedule? And what is the best cleaning schedule for you?

A routine cleaning schedule helps maintain the beauty of your carpet, and makes it last longer too. And once the carpets have actually been scratched, they no longer show the light the same as brand-new carpet.

Waiting too long in between cleanings can also cost more than routine cleaning. Since more time, chemistry, and labor is associated with a corrective cleaning than a maintenance cleaning, it will cost more and the outcomes might not be as excellent.

The exact same is real with carpet cleaning. Routine carpet cleaning can make your carpets last much longer and get you better outcomes with each cleaning while costing you less.

Now, how frequently should you have the carpets cleaned? If you have a home with no kids, no animals, where shoes are removed at the door, the carpets are vacuumed three times a week, and the air filters are altered regularly, then you can go up to two years between cleanings. For a lot of people, a yearly cleaning is an excellent concept.

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